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DVD by Howard Kirschenbaum

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Carl Rogers
These Carl Rogers pages have been created to assist students, faculty and other individuals wishing to research the life and works of my father. Please note: the bibliography link contains the most complete reference list of books and articles by and about Carl Rogers. It is excerpted from the Carl Rogers oral history book and the Carl Rogers CD Rom. Also, note the link to the Carl Rogers archives in Santa Barbara.
The most complete documentation of Carl’s life is contained in the CD Rom: Carl Rogers: A Daughter’s Tribute. This remarkable archive includes excerpts from Carl's 16 books, over 120 photographs spanning his lifetime, an updated and extensive bibliography, and award-winning, vintage video footage from his early counseling days, his encounter groups and his 85th birthday talk in which he describes his work in South Africa. Carl Rogers: A Daughter's Tribute

Carl Rogers (1902–1987) was one of the founders of the humanistic psychology movement and the most influential psychologist in American history. He wrote 16 books and more than two hundred articles and received many honors, including the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association.


Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach
Producer & narrator: Howard Kirschenbaum.
Videocassette or DVD

A comprehensive overview of CarlRogers’ life and work. Many audio and video examples of Rogers counseling clients and working with groups, plus over 100 photographs and Power-Point slides, illustrate this 60 minute presentation.



CARL ROGERS: The Quiet Revolutionary, An Oral History

by David E. Russell
This unique kind of autobiography explores Carl Rogers life through a series of interviews.
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The Life and Work of Carl Rogers
by Howard Kirschenbaum
In this much expanded and comprehensively revised edition of On Becoming Carl Rogers (Delacorte, 1979), Howard Kirschenbaum deepens and broadens our understanding of each chapter of the eminent psychologist's life and work and his contributions to psychology, the helping professions and society. The 10 years that followed the publication of the earlier work turned out to be one of the most important periods of Rogers' career in which he expanded his client-centered/person-centered theory and practice into inter-cultural communication, conflict resolution and peacekeeping. Until now this work has not been widely known. On a personal level, access to recently revealed private papers tells us much more about Carl Rogers the man than was know to many of his closest associates.
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